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Anna Cousins

Anna is an online personal trainer and Nutrition&weight management coach. She manages classes daily in getting people leaner, fitter & stronger.

Anna’s Favourite Products

“My Favourite Boostballs are the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough bites, the Raw Chocolate Brownie Keto bites & Shake & all of the Protein Nut Butters are insanely good.”

“The nut butters ensure I I stick with a portion rather than overindulging and with the added protein it makes for a great snack. I love this on rice cakes and add it to my smoothies. The protein bites and keto snacks feel really indulgent so it certainly hits the spot when it comes to getting my chocolate fix in for the day.”

Anna’s Top Workout Tips

  • Commit to a warm-up: Always warm up before doing any form of exercise by doing dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are active movements where your joints and muscles go through a full range of motion. They can be functional and mimic the movement of the activity or sport/workout you’re about to perform.
  • Enjoy it – It’s vitally important you find a workout that you like doing. There is simply no point doing a daily workout if you don’t enjoy it. You’ll only give up after a while. Try out a few different types of workout from longer bodyweight sessions, to short HIIT classes, or Pilates and stretching to find out what you enjoy doing. Mixing it up is also really great, not only does it keep your muscles guessing, but it will ensure you never get bored.
  • Nutrition – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, nourish your body both inside and out. One of my mantras is that ‘abs are made in the kitchen, not on the gym mat’. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or gain weight and build muscle mass, the best results are always achieved when you couple your home workouts with a great nutrition plan that is geared towards that goal. Understanding and sticking to the correct calorie consumption and macronutrient split for your personal goal is key to success.

Ben Davie

Ben is a London based Personal Trainer, you will find Ben heading up the HIIT, Matrix & Running departments of London’s Digme Fitness.

Ben’s Favourite Products

“Personally I like both the protein & keto snacks but if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the Choc Hazelnut Keto Bites.”

“I like boostballs because they are ideal for a pre & post workout snack. Hit the spot and give me a little boost, shall we say…!”

Ben’s Top Workout Tips

  • Always go in to your workout with a plan. Write down a session before entering the gym/ training from home. This will allow you to be accountable to yourself.
  • Prep adequately. It’s important to think about what you will be doing in your session.
  • Utilise a warm up period to ‘movement prep’. So, if working with squats, you should warm the ankles and hips up before working into the squat.

Tony Roberts

Tony is a PT based in Liverpool who has taken the world of Instagram by storm. He has been a fan of Boostball since we first launched officially in 2016 & has been a great support for the brand over the years.

Tony’s favourite Products

“My favourite Boostball has to be the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Bites.”

“I do love Boostballs, they taste fantastic and fit in perfectly with my macros all year round.”

Tony’s Top Workout Tips

  • Be sure to get plenty of sleep for your recovery
  • Build up your diet with plenty of healthy protein and fat sources
  • I always advise some form of weighted resistance & make sure my clients can handle and control the weight lifted

Aurora Bowkett

Aurora is a UK based Movement Teacher & Coach, trained in Yoga, Pilates, Acro-Yoga & Dance.

Aurora’s Favourite Products

“My Favourtie Boostball is Maple and Cinnamon Swirl as it reminds me of Christmas! (Pictured!)”

“I like boostballs because they are easy to eat snacks, in great portions. I can have a whole bag (or 3!) or I can simply have one ball if I just want a light snack to eat! They also taste great and come in so many different flavours!”

Aurora’s Top Workout Tips

  • Find exercise that you enjoy and try so you’re more likely to want to do it. We are much more driven in things we love then those we don’t!
  • Make it a habit! Pop it into your daily routine so it becomes something you do without even realising it.
  • Little and often. It’s actually better to move little and often then in one big workout and sit down all day. So try to add 10/15 minutes throughout your day of different exercises. Also add in general movement like walking instead of driving or climbing stairs so you create more movement of your body in day to day movements and journeys.

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