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Five Top Tips a Nutritionist would advise for a Healthy 2022!

For those who are considering a few tweaks in their day to day life in order to create a healthy & sustainable regime for the New Year & beyond, you’re in the right place! We know how hard it can be in understanding exactly where to get started. So we got in touch with Pauline Cox (Functional Nutritionist & owner of the amazing Sow & Arrow) to take us through her 5 top tips to keep your health goals sustainable the whole year through!  Remember…it’s all about a lifestyle change not a fad diet that won’t last!


Five Top Tips a Nutritionist would advise for a Healthy 2022!

By Pauline Cox BSc MSc

January is the ideal time to make changes to our diet and lifestyle…however by February those changes can sometimes be a thing of the past! How can we ensure that our best efforts this January, result in lasting change?


Top Tips

1. Curb the Carbs! There are SO many wonderful low-carb alternatives available online and on the high street. Gone are the days of feeling deprived! Choosing low-carb alternatives can have great benefit on our blood sugars and our overall health. Low-carb breads, crackers and sweet treats are now all SO readily available to buy, taste delicious and are a great option for those looking to improve blood sugars and weight status. Boostball have an ever-growing array of products to help you on your way!


2. Get inspired! It can feel overwhelming when you want to make healthier choices…where to start?! Find a like-minded community from who to learn from and gain support. This could be on Facebook or Instagram, or an online membership, finding the right community can be a source of inspiration as well as information. Maybe start your health journey with a friend or loved one. The more support and accountability the better!


3. Plan it out! Planning is key for success. We all have those days when we feel tired, overwhelmed or just unmotivated. Having healthy store cupboard and fridge essentials is key for those times when we feel old habits creeping back in! Find healthy recipes to try out, new books you can read, the more you learn about the benefits of lowering carbs and improving metabolic hormones, the easier it is to stay on track…the ‘why’ becomes very compelling!


4. One step at a time…don’t feel you have to change everything at once! A step in the right direction is still progress! Celebrate any small success, this will keep you motivated and focused.


5. Get excited! A new way of eating can feel overwhelming…however when you start with small daily steps, it’s incredible how much progress you can make in a short space of time! This is a new year and the opportunity to create the best version of you!



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